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Call or Contact Insane Car For Car Key Programming Throughout Peterborough And The Surrounding Areas

Reprogramming Keys For All Makes And Models Of Cars

Modern Cars provide many technical challenges not least of which is a car key that works remotely and by their very nature are complex and difficult to replace. Here at Insane Car we operate

State-Of-The-Art equipment that allows us to create a replacement key that is unique to your vehicle. We are here to serve you across Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We also offer diagnostic services.

a large selection of car keys
car thief in the act of stealing a car

Security Considerations

Losing your car keys is probably every drivers worst nightmare. If you have ever experienced this then you know how vulnerable you are. Stranded and unable to move, it can get worse. Especially if someone notices that you have dropped your keys and then proceeds to follow you in the hope they are able to identify where you are parked! We don't want to leave anything to risk and you will be relieved to know that at Insane Car we are here for you. We ensure that absolutely nobody can access your car because when we create your replacement key we go that extra mile and ensure that your old car key is cancelled.

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