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Contact Insane Car For A Reliable Mileage Correction And ECU Remapping Service In Peterborough And The Local Area

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Premier Mileage Correction Service

Mileage Correction is actually a service that is required more than you might imagine.

Insane Cars is here to help and you have certainly come to the right place! 

In its simplest terms mileage correction is the resetting of the mileage on your digital odometer. We reset the odometer to the correct reading following corruption on the device which can occur for any number of reasons.

Advances in modern car technology means that most cars now come fitted with a digital dashboard. These dashboards are cheaper to produce and generally more reliable than the traditional mechanical dashboard or at least you'd think!

As can often be the case with new technology there are instances where digital dashboards can let you down due to corruptions that can occur as a result of a mechanical fault or error. Misfiring of electrical pulses from the cars own electrical system is certainly one of the more common reasons for this.

Insane Car will complete the process of Mileage correction by returning the mileage reading to it's true value - a process often referred to as 'mileage adjustment or 'mileage corruption'. Give Insane Car a call today for more information


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Occasions When You Might Need Mileage Correction Services

There are a number of reasons why you need to contact a mileage correction specialist such as Insane Car and this could be any one of the following reasons:

  • Following an accident where damage sustained to the car has also corrupted the odometer.

  • Where the car has been vandalised and the odometer is now displaying an incorrect reading.

  • Where the car has need a jump start which has corrupted the mileage reading

  • On occasions where you may have had to replace your cars instrument cluster with a new or second hand unit which has resulted in an erroneous mileage value.

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The Technology For The Task

At Insane Car we use the most up to date and quality under bonnet diagnostics equipment which ensures that when changes are made to your odometers reading that no other sensitive electronic data stored by your cars systems is affected. Furthermore, because electronic information can be stored in a variety of locations within your car we will make sure that your mileage reading is updated in all appropriate areas.

Finally, and for your peace of mind, the equipment we use is specifically designed for the job. 

One Last But Very Important Point - Is Mileage Correction Actually Legal?

Yes it is. Indeed it is quite often the case that it is absolutely necessary.

Mileage Correction is completed on the basis of an intent that this is solely for legal purposes.

So, by booking your appointment with us this is confirmation of your belief the mileage reading displayed on your odometer is incorrect and that the revised value you ask us to reset it to is the true value.

Please note that should you decide to sell your car once mileage correction has taken place that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform any purchaser that the mileage correction has been performed on the car.

Failing to inform a buyer that the mileage correction process has been completed on your car is illegal and that if you intentionally use mileage correction to defraud a buyer that this is deemed a serious offence. 

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ECU Remapping

Ever get that feeling that your car engine isn't performing efficiently?

With over 7 years of experience Insane Car can offer a ECU Remapping service that is both comprehensive and effective. Our service will make your car more comfortable to drive, more responsive and the engine ultimately more flexible. Based in Peterborough Insane Car is a reputable business offering engine remapping for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Contact Us today for more information on our full range of services. 

ECU Remapping Services That Can Really Help To:

  • Improve Engine Power and Torque.

  • Sharpen throttle response and widen the power band.

  • Make engine output smoother in the way it delivers power.

  • Reduce fuel consumption.

  • Make long distance journey's more economical.

Engine Remapping Technology

At Insane Car we give top priority to our customers and you can be sure that we use the latest remapping tuning technology to maximise your vehicles' performance. You can be sure of our specialist status in our being able to perform remapping of ECUs found in most modern cars and we welcome your enquiries. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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